Updated: March 2, 2021

Re: Texas Lifted Mask Mandate

Just wanted to announce that my precautions and policies below are not changing.

Everything is still the same. Mask is required for me, only video calls for meetings, and still photographing weddings with 50 guests or less. Felt the need to just put it out there because of Greg Abbott’s stupidity.

I understand that businesses have been suffering during these times, especially us small businesses. However, this no mask decision is going to cause more harm than good in my opinion. It’s going to hurt small businesses and honestly all of us humans. Just when we were 1 step forward, this mandate took us 2 steps backward.

Please understand that my decision to enforce my precautions is because I care about the health and safety of my clients and my family.

Updated: January 12, 2021

Wedding Guest Counts

I’m continuing to restrict myself to only weddings and elopements with a maximum of 50 guests. This is a decision that me and my wife agree is a reasonable risk.

I’m still booking larger weddings, but well out in advance as long as couples are okay with possibly postponing/rescheduling. If you’re expecting more than 50 guests in 2021, please understand that due to the uncertainty I can not give an answer if I will or will not be comfortable with attending. I also can not guarantee that I’ll find a replacement photographer that is comfortable to take the risk.

Once the vaccine is readily available I’ll be re-evaluating my COVID-19 precautions.

Postponements For Weddings

In the event that your wedding may be postponed due to COVID-19, please note that all retainers and any payments made are non-refundable. As much as I wish this wasn’t the case, my family and I rely on this income, and refunds will not be given as per the contract. However, your payments made can be used towards a new date instead. In the event of rescheduling your wedding or postponing, no additional date change fees will be applied. Your current package booking will be locked in and there will be no additional rate changes or fees.


In the event that I am sick and unable to attend a wedding, I will do my best to send a capable associate photographer that I frequently work with. I will edit their photos to keep a similar look edit-wise. I have always had emergency plans set in place for illness or injury and these plans will not change. I’m grateful to work with an amazing network of photographers in San Antonio and Austin.

Please note that finding a replacement depends on their comfortability levels and how much of a risk they’re willing to take. If I’m unable find a replacement photographer I’ll refund you in full, including your retainer.