Makenzie & Landon live in Florida and decided to get married on their family’s property out in the middle of the Texas hill country.

They were yet another couple that I met with via Skype and didn’t actually meet in person until the day of their wedding. However, keeping up with each other on Instagram beforehand made it feel as though we already knew each other come the day of the wedding. It was a small wedding with family and close friends surrounded by the beauty of the Texas hill country. After the wedding, we went out, explored the area, and shot some incredible portraits. At the end, I took my shoes off, rolled up my pants, and walked in the creek to snap some bridal portraits of Makenzie. Thankfully, I didn’t get bitten by snakes.

I also remember getting lost on the drive there. I think I stopped at about 3 wrong houses before finally making it to the correct one. On top of it, I had no cell phone reception. I typically let my girlfriend, Amanda, know when I’ve made it to a wedding, but was unable to. I waited until the end of the wedding before I asked to use their landline to let her know that I was okay and was about to head back home without any reception or GPS. Lol. Luckily, I made it home safely.

Anyhow, I bring you Makenzie & Landon’s lovely destination wedding.

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