Claire + Trey

With any wedding, it’s always difficult for me to put together a blog post of a few images to summarize an entire day’s worth of events, moments, details, and emotions. Claire and Trey’s wedding is no different and this was definitely hard for me to put together. Especially, since they had their wedding at Trey’s parents’ venue in Fredricksburg, TX, Full Moon Inn.

So, I chose to share some of my favorite moments. These include Lone Star, PBR, Jameson, cigarettes, laughter, tears of love and happiness, and most of all, celebration.

I was lucky enough to have Brandon Fletcher as an assistant photographer that day, so he was also able to capture some of the moments I don’t normally get photos of. Like me dancing with guests, taking shots (camera-wise & drinking-wise), and also tearing up because they gave me a Dundie award and the most beautiful speech in front of their guests. I posted the story and photos of that here.

I say this a lot and I’m sure a lot of people think it’s bullshit, but I truly do desire to only work with couples I feel I can be friends with. This is more than a job to me. I care about my couples and really do give a fuck. Claire and Trey are two wonderful human beings. They may have paid me to photograph their engagement and wedding, but they’re not just clients to me. They’re now friends. When I work with kind and supportive people, I feel so much love and passion for what I get to do for a living.

In The Couple’s Words:

“A++ 10/10 Would book again! Choosing the right photographer was the most important part of our wedding for me. It wasn’t just about the capturing the emotions of our day, but more importantly, it was capturing the essence of our person. He was truly the perfect fit for both of us, in both style and execution. The best part? A beautiful friendship emerged from working with him! Anthony was nothing but professional, but because of the friendship that brewed from the first video chat forward, he was there to capture all of the moments that really mattered to us. He even cried at our wedding! That should tell you exactly how much he cares about the couples he works with. He chooses you, just as much as you choose him! If you want a quirky (ask him about pickles), great humored, stealthy, caring, hip (yes, I said it), photographer, he’s the man for you!”