Sandra + Francis

It was great getting to know Sandra & Francis. They’re wonderful people. You might’ve seen their engagement session I posted a while back.

I remember when Sandra started following me on Instagram. Before they had even inquired, she had mentioned in a comment that Francis proposed to her in Iceland. Once we met, they told me their whole story from when they met to when he proposed. It was a funny yet very sweet and beautiful story. Definitely one to remember.

She’s from Texas, he’s from New York. So, they’re wedding was inspired by that… Texas meets Brooklyn. Every single vendor they had is a reflection of their lifestyle, which is why I’ve listed every one of them at the end of this post. I loved that they were very enthusiastic about supporting vendors that they truly cared about. It matches with my outlook on how I run my business as well. All in all, it was definitely the most unique wedding that I’ve had the honor of photographing thus far.

It’s rare that I book weddings back to back, but they were day 3 of my 3 weddings that I had booked one after the other. I just can’t say ‘no’ to kick ass weddings. Anyhow, I was pooped as hell, but I had a fucking blast from start to finish. At the end of the night, I stuck around to help out taking down decorations and then met up with Francis & Sandra at a bar for the after party. Not to work, just to hang out. Needless to say, I slept in for a day straight the next day. Lol.


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