Mat + Bethany

Mat & Bethany’s wedding will be one I’ll remember for years to come. For me, it’s very special because it’s the furthest wedding from San Antonio, TX that I’ve had the honor of photographing. One of my goals that I set out for myself last year, was to book a destination wedding in 2014. I believe that what you put out into the world will come back to you. And sure enough, Mat & Bethany contacted me and booked me for their intimate wedding in Bethany’s hometown of Beaumont, TX.

We had only kept in touch online before the wedding. It was either via video Skype chat or Facebook. Yet, once we met in person, it was like we had already known each other. Family and friends were asking me how long I had known them and if they were friends of mine. That was what was really incredible to me. I love that I have the ability and personality to be able to emotionally connect with others miles away.

They got married at Bethany’s parents’ home. I was in awe of their place. Their home was literally surrounded by tons of trees. It was a gorgeous and peaceful place to get married at. Their decor was handmade, the wedding party consisted of siblings and a best friend, and only close family and friends attended. It was a very special and intimate wedding filled with lots of love.

There was no rain in the forecast that day, but every few minutes it would drizzle slightly. Everyone’s hopes were still high that it would stop. Rain on a wedding day is supposedly good luck, so no one complained about a little rain. Right before their first look, the rain stopped. After we were done taking portraits, drizzle started back up. But then, minutes before the ceremony, it stopped again. The weather remained beautiful for the rest of the evening. After the ceremony, everyone gathered for dinner outside. Laughter, excitement, and love filled the air.