Loose Skin After Weight Loss Portraits

I’ve been posting to my personal Facebook that I’ve been wanting to bring more nudity into my work. I’ve been hired for a few boudoir sessions in the past, but actively pursuing more nudity in my overall work sounds beautiful yet scary as fuck. Female, male, couples, same-sex, etc. I want to continue to grow as a person and an artist.

Vulnerability is beautiful to me.

I had a friend reach out to me after reading my Facebook post and asked if I’d be interested in telling her story. She told me her story and I immediately was intrigued. Especially because I researched to see if anyone else had photographed portraits of people with loose skin after weight loss. I found nothing artistic or anything photographed by an actual photographer. Mostly just camera phone photos. I wanted others to read and see her story because I know there are others out there who might be going through the same thing.

She wanted to remain anonymous due to her job, but she was totally willing to share a few images. I also asked her to write out what she wanted to share, because I knew there would be no way that I’d be able to put into words her story.

In Her Words:

“Tomorrow morning I am having what they call a Mommy Makeover. This typically involves a tummy tuck and breast lift, sometimes implants, and a little liposuction. For me, this is so much more than just a mommy makeover. I have been heavy most of my life, with a brief period in my mid-twenties where I was able to get down to about the size I am now, but I couldn’t keep the weight off. I was at war with my body, for being fat, for craving awful foods, for making me self-conscious, for making it hard to find clothes that were comfortable and fashionable yet still managed to hide my many flaws.

A year ago I had weight loss surgery to reclaim my health, and that I did. I am no longer pre-diabetic, my blood work is amazing, and I have so much more energy. Best decision I ever made for myself. But it left me with this loose skin. I work out, I eat right, but after a lifetime of being heavy and having had a child, I knew my skin would not bounce back. I hated how my new, smaller, healthy body looked, because of the sagging skin, bulging out in places, rolls because everything was loose. But yet, I had these amazing new collar bones, and my legs are so strong, and my wrists are so tiny.

So, before my mommy makeover, I wanted to try and make peace with my body as it is now, get closure-almost like a really good break up conversation if you will. Anthony listened to my story and understood perfectly what I was trying to express. He has seen more of my body than I even have let my poor husband see, that is how self-conscious I am. But I did let him see these photos because they came out so beautifully and truly captured the essence of saying goodbye and trying to celebrate how far I have come.

Being vulnerable in this capacity wasn’t easy, and some people may think these photos are really unattractive, but I wanted them, and I am so grateful I will have them to look back on. This body got me to the point where I am today.”


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