Sunnie + Bruce

Sunnie and Bruce met each other in Germany while stationed there for the military. In fact, currently, they still are. When I had my first video chat with them, Bruce was stationed in Iraq, so I was unable to meet him. We all followed each other on Instagram the months leading up to their wedding.

About a month before their wedding, Bruce was back in Germany with Sunnie, their son, and their great dane. During our meeting to finish the final preparation for their session and wedding, Bruce and I met.

Then, just a few days before their wedding, we all met up in person for their San Antonio Pearl engagement photos. First, we had a beer to chat and so they could get their nervous-in-front-of-the-camera jitters out.

Why do I mention all this? Because it felt as though we had been friends. The photos turned out great. And just a few days later at their wedding, they were absolute naturals in front of the camera.