Eddie + Ulysses

It’s been one hell of a time getting to know Eddie and Ulysses. I loved them since the first day we met to discuss their engagement. They’re both incredibly sweet and I feel we all have opened up to each other more and more every time we got together to hang out.

I mean, yes, we did some planning meetings, but it always felt like we were mostly hanging out and talking shit (in the good way).

It totally warmed my heart that they invited my girlfriend to the wedding as a guest. No, I didn’t make her work. Haha. But yeah, that was really really awesome of them. Not only that, but they invited me along to their bachelor party. Not to photograph, but just to hang out. That was my first time ever being invited to such a thing. It didn’t get too crunk though. Haha.

All in all, as with any wedding I photograph, the most beautiful thing to hear from my couples is what their vision is for the wedding day and then actually see it come to life exactly how they described it. Everything from how they imagined it’ll look to the vibe of it, etc. And the vendors too were all awesome and worked so hard that day. It was perfect.

I found myself going from excited to happy and teary-eyed over and over again throughout the day. Too many emotions, but I didn’t ugly cry.

It was a beautiful day and you could tell they were surrounded by all the people who cared so much for them.

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